20m Per Player

Allow me to re-introduce Fun, Thrills and Tension in this Cyberpunk Game.

A worker placement game that broke the traditional standards and paved the way for an Immersive Story so you can enjoy Smoother Gameplay and explore Meaningful Choices.


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How does it Play?

Select Mission From District

From simple missions like looting to infiltrating, or dangerous ones like terminating or abducting. All varieties are available upon exploration of the districts.

Build Character Narrative

Choose your faction, Cooperate with Elites and Work through the Underbelly. Create your lifepath that best fits you and your playstyle with 5 unique characters.

Escape To The Sky City

Locate escape points throughout Cytress for opportunities to ascend. Then break the hierarchical system, and fulfill your own destiny at the top.

What’s in the Box?

Epic Cinematic Cyberpunk Adventure

In-depth Cyberpunk lore inspired by Blade Runner and Altered Carbon synergizes with the gameplay enhancing the thematic experience.

Modular Board for Modern Look

Game boards come as detached, double sided printboard for seamless intergration and a unified appearance on any table size/seting.

Multi-level 3D Structural Piece

A 3D Tower is included for assembly enhancing the gameplay experience while bringing in verticality and an attractive table presence.

Component Evolves With Players

Over 70 missions to pick, 9 factions to join, 5 characters to play, for 2-5 player counts. The fun comes from how you choose to mix and match.

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  • Community Support Cytress is a constant work in progress, your feedback will be prioritised to improve the game.
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About the Designer

Who is Sean Lee?

My story’s probably similar to yours, started off at a day job, got bored, decided to make a game for fun, underestimated how hard it is, kept refining it until finally… the light bulb found the socket.

You see, I’m not just making games for myself and other players – I’m also constantly developing and growing my skills in game design. Refining it so I have more time to focus on world building and storytelling, the things I’m passionate about. 

As someone once said, mediocre games tell a story, good games explains the story, superior games demonstrates that story and great games inspires new stories.

I’ve been blessed with some of the best family and friends who have been with me on this journey for years, and am proud of the thousands of hours we have spent in creating this masterpiece.

Now’s my chance to share with you much of what I’ve learned and produced through the process!

A glimpse to those who've played…

“it’s just EASY to play”

  • 👍“ONE SIMPLE ACTION PER TURN” –  the actions are: Gain Supplies, Play Leader and Travel with Ships. That’s it.
  • 🏃‍♂️“FOUR PHASES WHICH ARE EASY TO FOLLOW” –  it goes a long way to keeping everyone engaged and on the same page
  • 👀“HAVE YOUR OWN PLAYER BOARD” –  you do find yourself focusing on your own devices alot more than worrying about others.

Samuel, Canada

“game to play WITH friends”

  • 🤭“TABLE TALK NON STOP” – since there is some many different missions and scenario for everyone around the table to read. 
  • 💪“COMPETITION IS HIGH” – there are many shared objectives and goals which makes the game slightly competitive.
  • 🧐“COUNTER STRATEGIES” – for every move that is made, there are other strategies that can be used against it.

Nic, Italy

“would play again AND again”

  • 🏆“DIFFERENT WAYS TO WIN” –  there are lot of ways to gain points in this game and finiding the perfect strategy may not be as easy as it sounds
  • 🤯“CHOICES ACTUALLY MATTER” – because you start building your character, depending on which factions you choose, some actions become more powerful
  • 😅“EVEN LOSSES FELT SATISFYING” – the skill cards assigned to you may push you to use different strategies, and sometimes experimenting on different strategies is all the fun

Kostas, Greece

“the DEFINITION of cyberpunk”

  • 🎨“GORGEOUS GAME WITH COLORS” – the player board, modular boards and 3D strucutre have distinct yet familiar cyberpunk colors 
  • 🎎“UNIQUE ANIME ILLUSTRATION”  – joining Akira, Ghost In the Shell, Altered Carbon and Alita Battle Angel with their unique style of animated drawing but with a fresh new look 
  • 🎥“GAMEPLAY THAT EXPLAIN THE LORE” – the theming is so tied to the mechanics that it will appeal to people who aren’t cyberpunk fans too

Mila, Brazil

Congrats, You’ve made it this far!

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