Escape This Cyberpunk Fortress

Worker placement and resource management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy cyberpunk world!

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How To Play

Complete Missions

Meet with the Corpocrats, Privateers, Rovers and Hooligangs to complete missions and gain different faction abilities.

Build a Reputation

Grow your street rep to unlock better perks and benefit allowing you to perform more missions with ease.

Find an opening

Look for opportunities from the Stratolites or black market netprowlers for scattered escape
points to Stratos.

Unique Features

Turn-based tactics

Deep and tactical gameplay using worker placement and action selection movements.

Interwoven storylines

Rich game narratives with deep, meaningful player choices, and heaps of replayability

Evolving characters

Your squad evolves through your choices, loyalty to any would result in making some

Endless builds

Experiment with endless combos of missions, factions and rewards to build the perfect
dream team.

During Cytress's global blind playtest, the playtesters consistently said they most enjoyed:

  • the building of tubes allowing crews to jump to a different board
  • the interactive area control due to crews being placed on board
  • the thematic choices presented by the faction cards
  • the variability created by random pairing of the skill cards
  • the distinctly different factions and their unique abilities

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Cytress is designed by Sean Lee, a board game enthusiast who started designing board games four years ago in attempt to tell his story through his games.


The design process of Cytress is to combine fun mechanics with a rich, enveloping backstory, variable player powers, and stunning artwork.


Cytress blends an engine building system inspired by Terraforming Mars and Everdell with an interactive area control system influenced by Catan and Scythe.


To give Cytress increased complexity in strategies and options, yet have action choices that are fairly simple and for the game to be picked up easily.

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